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Me Space Cowboy
Certain individuals refer to me by the nomenclature "the space cowboy"
and others prefer to adopt the appellation "the gangster of love".
In addition, there are those persons who dub me "Maurice"
due to my tendency to soliloquize regarding the pompitous of love.
I am a recent subject of much conjectural conversation, baby
which implies that I have been committing misdeeds against your person, committing misdeeds against your person.
Do not allow your cogitation to be perturbed by this, baby
do not allow your cogitation to be perturbed by this
For I am in this location, in this location, in this location where we mutually dwell.
This is due to the fact that I am a selective individual,
one who bares my teeth in displays of pleasure.
I am prone to passionate affairs of the heart,
and am one who engages in endeavors frowned upon by the religious orthodoxy.
I perform my rhythmic auditory displays in the light radiating from the star at the core of the Solar System.
I am a corporeal represe
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The Plague Doctor: Thirteenth Shot :iconmngamojemo:mngamojemo 2 1 The Plague Doctor: Twelvth Shot :iconmngamojemo:mngamojemo 4 3 The Plague Doctor: Eleventh Shot :iconmngamojemo:mngamojemo 3 3 The Plague Doctor: Tenth Shot :iconmngamojemo:mngamojemo 2 4 The Ninth Doctor: Plague Shot :iconmngamojemo:mngamojemo 1 0 The Plague Doctor: Eighth Shot :iconmngamojemo:mngamojemo 1 1 The Plague Doctor: Seventh Shot :iconmngamojemo:mngamojemo 1 1 The Plague Doctor: Sixth Shot :iconmngamojemo:mngamojemo 1 1 The Plague Doctor: Fifth Shot :iconmngamojemo:mngamojemo 6 1 The Plague Doctor: Fourth Shot :iconmngamojemo:mngamojemo 1 0 The Plague Doctor: Third Shot :iconmngamojemo:mngamojemo 1 0 The Plague Doctor: Second Shot :iconmngamojemo:mngamojemo 1 0 The Plague Doctor: First Shot :iconmngamojemo:mngamojemo 1 1 Nightmare of Lisa Frank :iconmngamojemo:mngamojemo 22 37
Momberger's Line
Christopher Momberger had finished his jacket and was just starting in on the shirt. It was delicious. Vaguely, he wondered why he'd never tried to eat his clothes before.
He didn't really know where he was. His ungrateful children must have finally packed him off to some terrible place, like they'd been waiting to for years. All he had tried to do for them and they couldn't even remember "honor thy father and mother", just hid him away in this dark little room the moment he'd stopped looking out.
He knew he'd fallen, remembered something about a hospital, but was vague on what had come next. Maybe Rebecca had poisoned him. The junkie slut had her finger right on the pulse of the drug underworld, and from that pulse she knew just where to get heroin or morphine to jab in his veins while he was off guard, vulnerable. They'd worked together then, Paul acting like a man, for once, just long enough to lift his poor, elderly father and heft him to this Godless place, whose residents we
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I'm purging my gallery of writing because I have pretensions of being a Real Poet, and it's not good to submit work for publication that is already available for free. It worked for me with Prophecy of Zarah, but still.

What's left are mostly minor works: The Prophecy of Zarah was already out in the wilds of before it was published in The Lovecraft Ezine, and Grazing Dinosaurs. For Shame has undergone serious revision since the time it got a Daily Deviation. Everything else on here is either from my high school years, just for funsies, or both.
  • Listening to: Hadestown again
  • Reading: Wodehouse pr0n
  • Watching: Wolverine and the X-Men
  • Playing: Avengers Alliance
  • Eating: No
  • Drinking: Coffee
>let several months to a year pass
>return to deviantart
>feel peculiar mixture of nostalgia and shame
>holy shit people can change their names now what
>if anyone's still watching me, see you again in a year or so


United States
Mnga mnga mngamo! Jemooooo! Mnga mnga mngamo!

Current Age: 23, Current Residence: Anytown, USA, Print preference: I prefer that people purchase my prints, Favourite genre of music: Oldies but oldies, Favourite photographer: Man Ray, Favourite style of art: Wouldn't you like to know?, Operating System: Ubuntu, MP3 player of choice: '86 Jetta tape-deck, Shell of choice: Abalone, Wallpaper of choice: Detail from Hieronymus Bosch, Skin of choice: Albinos are sexy, Favourite cartoon character: Mystique, Harley Quinn, Personal Quote: I cannot and will not cut my morals to suit the fashion of the day. ---Lillian Hellman

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venom34 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
OMG your gallery is awomse but sooo scary!!
Suicide-Cupcake Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Watership Down is a great book (my 3rd fav) but it's also really sexist when you consider rabbits have very little dimorphism, particularly where athleticism is concerned. At first I thought it was bullshit but when I read into it I was like hrm...

Great art btw.
mngamojemo Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2012
Apparently there are later stories which develop the female characters (like Hyzenthlay) more. The gender dynamics are certainly skewed, but if I couldn't look past that, I'd be confined to only a couple of decades worth of literature to enjoy, and I'd still have to cherrypick a good deal.

Suicide-Cupcake Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Haha, good point. Tales from Watership Down was super boring so I wouldn't know.
mngamojemo Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2012
I haven't read it myself, so neither would I. :lol:
FrisianDude Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2012
Hi Moo Joe Moo.
deviant-garde Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2011
I can't believe I actually remembered how to spell your username. How the hell do you say this, "em en gamo jemo"?
mngamojemo Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2012
Oh hai.

The mng- gives people trouble because they aren't used to those particular consonants hanging out at the beginning of a word. If you think how you would pronounce them in a middle of a word, it becomes easier.
Say "amnesty".
Then imagine someone misspelled it, and you're pronouncing all the letters to make fun of them: "amngesty".
Once you've got that down, just go "mng mng mng mng" for a while, because it's fun, but make sure you're alone- otherwise someone might think you were having some sort of fit.

sbkMulletMan Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2011

So what is it?

Only joking!
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